Friday, December 07, 2007

Games 11-14 Recap

Derech Etz Chaim closed out the initial 14-game portion of the season with doubleheaders against Ohr Dovid and Jump Gym.

After the defense held Ohr Dovid to a 3-and-out to begin the opener,
Yerucham Pliner got DEC on the board with his legs and a 10-yard touchdown pass to Simcha Feldman. After a successful 2-point conversion, DEC had an 8-0 lead.

Ohr Dovid was held again to a 3-and-out, but they got the ball back at the 10-yard-line after intercepting a Pliner pass in the end zone. They converted the turnover into a 50-yard touchdown and a game-tying 2-point conversion.

DEC regained the lead with Jacon Kon's 30-yard touchdown catch, and the defense denied Ohr Dovid from tying the game back up, stopping them at the goal line.

Pliner found Kon once more in the end zone to give DEC a 20-8 lead. After the teams swapped scoring drives - this time Pliner running the ball in himself - the game ended with a 26-14 victory for the Trees.

In the second game, Pliner led the offense, rushing for two touchdowns and throwing a touchdown pass to Kon. The defense dominated Ohr Dovid, Josh Gersten got his first flag-pull...

...and DEC posted a convincing 18-0 shutout.

The first game against Jump Gym got off to a quick start as Kon returned the opening kickoff for a touchdown. Ensuing touchdowns were scored by Simcha Feldman and Pliner. Interceptions by Kon and Sam Ash helped DEC cement a 22-6 victory.

The latter half of the doubleheader was not such a walk in the park. Jump Gym opened the scoring but DEC tied the game on their first possession. However, Jump Gym jumped out to a 14-point lead with five minutes remaining in the game.

Pliner's touchdown pass to Kon reduced the lead to 8 at the 2-minute warning. The defense forced Jump Gym to punt. Pliner led the offense down the field for another touchdown and found backup tight end Mordechai Landesman on the game-tying 2-point conversion, salvaging a point in the final game of the first round.