Sunday, October 31, 2010

DEC dominant again in week 3 win

Derech Etz Chaim once again dominated Moret Group (Torat Shraga Shana Bet) winning 26-6 and 27-14.
During the first two weeks DEC's defense had yet to give up any points, that changed quickly as Moret scored on the first play of their first drive after receiveing the kick off. DEC looked rusty as they went three and out on their first set but that changed quickly. After holding Moret on their next set, Gilad Silverman went to work with a TD pass to Jacob Kon. As soon as Moret got the ball back Jacob intercepted and this time it was Gilad connecting with Pinchas for the TD. From that point on Moret (Shraga) never had a chance.
Both games featured long touchdowns to Jacob Kon, Pinchas, Joseph Gomez (recording his first two TD's) with Gilad spreading the ball around to Micha, Noam and Weisel as well.
On defense Levi Klein dominated on D-line, Dov Pollack putting in another solid game and CB Lior Goldstein stopped everything coming his way.
With DEC's record a solid 6-0 they head into the coming week for what should be their first challenging game against a real contender when they face Bitach. The team is pumped up and looking forward to the challenge.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

DEC crushes Yesod 20-0 & 30-0 in week 2!

Week 2 of the AFI season had Derech Etz Chaim showing up even stronger then the great play of week 1.
Jacob Kon in his first appearence this year put on a show, running the length of the field for a TD on the opening play of the game and an acrobatic catch for another score in later action. Every one of the receivers played great with Joseph Gomez displaying his incredible ability on his first reception of the year making a diving catch. Pinchas Shwartzbaum, Micha Rafkin and Noam Silverman making big catches on scoring drives.

The story this season though is the defense. They have yet to give up a point! The CB's have shut down the opposing team's passing offense. Dov Pollak had two interceptions bringing one back for a TD, Micha had an interception for a TD, and Lior Goldstein made a big stop in the end zone on 4rth and goal for Yesod to stop their only potential scoring drive. Pollak plugged the middle stopping the run and sacks by the entire D-line Levi Klein, Jake Mortiz, Nassan Paul and Efraim Addato.
This weeks highlights (including defense)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

DEC begins the new season in victory!

Derech Etz Chaim is off to a great start in the new 2010-2011 AFI season. Playing their first games of the season without star CB/WR Jacob Kon, and with a team full of untested rookies, DEC made a powerful first week statement crushing the Medrash Shmuel (2) Shudaggs 13-0 and 19-0.
In the first game Gilad Silverman connected with Micha Rafkin for a long pass leading to a TD and extra point to Pinchas Schwarzbaum and later marched down the field on passes to Pinchas and another long bomb to Rafkin leading to a short run into the endzone by Rafkin to bring the score to 13-0.
The defense played extremely well, except for Nassan Paul they are all first year in the league, with Dov Pollack at middle linebacker directing the team and Lior Goldstein, Ezra Issacs and Micha Rafkin making amazing stops. The Shudaggs could get nothing.
The defense was even stronger in game 2 and Gilad connected with Rafkin on the very first play of the game for a TD. Two touchdown passes were caught by Noam Silverman with more down field passes to Pinchas who seems unstoppable.
It was a great start to the new season and the first time DEC opened winning two. Next week will be a bigger challenge playing an experienced team Yesod.
Here are the highlights from the game:

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Welcome back to another year of DEC football!

This upcoming Motzei Shabbos DEC football returns for another season with a new team look. Last years team posted the best regular season record in DEC history going 12-2 and made it to the semi finals to only to lose to Lobos who ultimately won the AFI championship. Lobos are back with even a stronger team and DEC is rebuilding with a great new group of first year players as well as some returnees.
The only member returning from the 2009 Championship team is team captain Pinchas Shwartzbaum. Gilad Silverman returns at QB and Aron Hertz, Noam Silverman and Josh Weisel are back on O-line with Nassan Paul stepping up this year on D-line.
An interesting addition this year is Jacob Kon who is back after a two year break. Jacob played on the DEC team that made the playoffs the year before the team gelled into Champions and we will see if he can bring with his experience and skill the extra push to both defense as cornerback and offense as receiver.
Newcomers include:
Micah Rafkin CB and WR
Joseph Gomez WR
Lior Goldstein CB
Ezra Issacs CB
Levi Klein and Efraim Addato D-line
Dov Pollak at middle linebacker
Yossie Edelman and Jake Moritz round out the team.

The team has played three scrimmages in the pre season and shows allot of promise. With the season starting this week we will have to see if they can live up to the DEC winning tradition.