Tuesday, October 22, 2013



On the very first play of the game, the defense set the tone for the season with a sack by rookie lineman Sam Harris!
That's the way it was going to go for Bais all night. The defensive pressure was intense throughout.

After a punt, the offense methodically took their time getting downfield for the first score of the game. A touchdown pass to Dani Eastman, plus the extra point made it 7-0, 5 minutes into the first game. After another punt by Bais, Gilad Silverman again led the offense down the field, this time with a behind-the-line-of-scrimmage forward pass to Zak Lenik from the 2 yard line. 13-0.

Another 3 & out for Bais had them punting again. Having already felt the pressure on the two previous punts, the quick kick was low, 1st-year player Meyer Tennenbaum was able to pull it out of the air from his defensive position just 15 yards from the line, and he ran it back to the Bais 12 yard line.
Gilad threw an uncharacteristically soft pass to the TE which was picked off at the 5-yard line. Bais was able to capitalize on the turnover and drive the length of the field for their lone touchdown of the evening bringing the score to 13-6. And that remained the final score as it was late in the game and DEC was able to run out the remaining clock.

Final score Game 1:
DEC: 13
Bais: 6


With a bit of the rust off, the DEC offense & defense both picked it up a notch in the 2nd game.

DEC received the ball to start the 2nd game and promptly drove down the field scoring on a 10 yard pass to TE Avner Denicoff. The defense got the ball right back for them. In Game 1, the defense had a sack on Bais' 1st play, this time they did one better, with Tannenbaum's 1st INT of his AFI career. Gilad and Eastman connected once again, and Dani Strauss caught the extra point putting DEC ahead 13-0.

On the very next play, just Bais' 2nd offensive play of the game, it was Shlomo Berman's turn, with an incredible interception. He and the opposing WR made a simultaneous catch of the football in the air, and when they came down Berman alone had the ball and the pick. This set up yet another Dani Eastman TD (that would be his 2nd of this game, 3rd of the night overall . . . with 2 more still to come...).

On the next set, the Bais offense was finally able to move the ball to mid-field . . . before another Tennenbaum interception gave DEC the ball back! Starting from their own 1-inch line, a short dump-off pass to Eastman provided a beautiful display of jukes, jump-cuts, and missed flags and a 59+ yard TD for DEC. A turnover on downs set us up for his final score of the night, Eastman took a short pass from Gilad and weaved through all 6 defenders. This took us down to the 1-minute warning and the end of the game.

Final score Game 2:
DEC: 32
Bais: 0

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Are you ready for some football!

The dawn of a new season is upon us, as regular season games begin this weekend at Kraft Stadium in Jerusalem.

After weeks of practicing, the Derech Etz Chaim team can't wait . . . unfortunately they must wait, as their traditional 1st week bye means they won't play their first game until next Motzei Shabbos.
Once they hit that field though, it will be tough to stop them, as they enter the season as favorites to win it all.

Lead by veteran quarterback Gilad Silverman (DEC years 9,10,11), the team features a nice mix of rookies and return players. On the offensive side, world-beater Dani Eastman will be joined in the receiving corps by Dani Strauss & Zak Lenik.
The offensive line is comprised of 3rd year vet Daniel Romero and 1st-year Tight End Avner Denicoff, looking primed for a big rookie season.
This offense will be tough to stop. Their quickness and experience should light up the scoreboard right out of the gate.

The DEC defense is going to have a tough time matching them on the other side of the ball, but they're up for the challenge. Doni Raskas returned for year 3 to Israel over Sukkot (pretty sure solely to play football, and who hasn't done that before?) and he brought with him an intense 3-3 defensive scheme that will leave opposing offenses scratching their heads. Playing back there with Doni will be Shlomo Berman, an experienced veteran in the League playing his 1st season with DEC, and rookie DB Meyer Tenenbaum.
At the front of the defense look for Tuli Margolese to set the tone playing alongside rookies Sam Harris and Eli Siebzener. Ben Huisman, Mendel Silverman, and Ari Gold round out the rest of the roster. Looking to supplement the defensive push when their number is called.

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