Sunday, December 25, 2011

DEC vs Ateret Cohanim (Bitach)

It was a very rainy night in Yerushalayim in an anticipated game between two of the best teams in the AFI. The result was the same as last year and left many questions as to what would happen on a clear night!
In the first game DEC totally dominated ultimately winning 26-12 . The defense stopped AC and the offense clicked on every down. In the second game in a heavy downpour Bitach took advantage of their run and though the DEC defense stalled them on 3 sets, the offense without the passing game could not make a come back.
Controversy was involved prior to the game as Doni Raskas, the starting DEC CB was suspended for the game due to a roster violation. Gavi Guterson was added to the roster to replace him and did a great job on defense.
Game Report:
Game #1
The game began with AC driving down field and scoring first to take a 6 point lead . But Gilad Silverman led DEC back with a run from Jacob Kon, and good gain from Ephraim Addato on a broken play and pass to Jacob that he ran in for the TD to tie up the score.
The defense held AC to 3 and out and the heavy rain began. Jacob Kon took another pass by Gilad down to the 1 yard line and the offense pushed it in with Joseph Gomez running it in. A quick pass to Raphy Kinzter for the extra point and the score was DEC 13 - AC 6.
AC once again was forced to punt and Lior Goldstein returned the punt for a TD the extra point was good to bring the score to DEC 20 AC 6.
AC drove down field and was within striking distance to get the game close when Lior Goldstein intercepted a pass in the end zone and Jacob Kon ran it in for a TD on the next play.
AC got down field one more time and time expired with the score DEC 26 AC 12.
Game #2
At this point it was pouring and with DEC kicking off AC was able to take advantage of missed flags and sliding players to return the opening kick off for a TD.
DEC could not move the ball in the rain and AC was able to capitalize on a short pass and missed flags to take a 12-0 lead.
Gilad did not have control over the wet ball and AC kept running to take a commanding 18-0 lead. The DEC defense held AC forcing them to punt throughout the rest of the game and Lior Goldstein brought a punt way back and a Gilad Silverman run finally got DEC some points. It was a messy night with DEC losing 18-6.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Derech Etz Chaim defeats Klein Management 20-14 20-18

In a rough game that saw two DEC jerseys shredded, and a number of injuries DEC prevailed for the 4rth straight time in 4 years over Klein Management (Medrash Shmuel) . The highlight of the night was the drive to finish the first game with DEC down by one point. With a minute left Gilad Silverman drove down field with catches by all the receivers to score with 15 seconds left and win the game.
In the second game with DEC leading by 8 Medrash put up a last minute drive helped by trick plays and bad calls to score but missed the extra point to give DEC the victory.
Lior Goldstein came up with two big interceptions including one in the end zone to end a Medrash drive and Doni Raskas had one interception and ran in two touchdowns.
Much credit goes to the DEC O-line , Aron Hertz and Ephraim Addato who dealt with dirty hits the entire night but gave Gilad good protection that led to the wins.
Game report:
DEC kicked off in the first game and on Klein's first drive Lior Goldstein intercepted a long pass to lead to DEC's first drive.
DEC starting at their own 10 was helped by on off sides penalty on 4rth to get the first down and keep the drive going. Raphy Kintzer caught a pass to take it to the 1 yd line. and DEC (literally) pushed it in from there. Raphy took care of the extra point and DEC was leading 7-0
Klein then got back into the game by a long run to set up a short TD pass with the extra point the score was 7-7
DEC then went 3 and out and Klein returned the punt all the way back to the DEC 15
with Klein poised to score again and take the lead Lior Goldstein made a big interception in the end zone to end the drive.
DEC took advantage of the turnover and drove down the field on passes to Noam, Gomez and on an end zone play the ball was tipped out of Addato's hands, then a Klein corner, and into the hands of Jacob Kon for a TD.The extra point was no good and DEC lead 13-7
Klein then came down field when a short pass turned into a big gain on missed flags. A quick pass and an extra point and Klein was leading 14- 13 with a minute to play.
Gilad Silverman calmly led DEC down the field with passes to Jacob, Gomez and Noam. A pass to Noam was tipped into the hands of Gomez who took it down to the 1 yard line. DEC pushed it in to bring the final score to DEC 20 Klein 14

Game 2
DEC received and on the opening play a long bomb to Jacob Kon who made an amazing catch plus the extra point gave DEC a quick 7-0 lead.
Klein used some running and trickery to bring the score to 7-6
DEC was forced to punt on its next drive . The punt was short and gave Klein good field position but Doni Raskas intercepted a pass and got DEC the ball back.
DEC began running the ball with Gilad Silverman running 35 yards into the red zone.
A pass to Noam brought it down to the 1 and DEC pushed it in again. The extra point was good and the score DEC 14 Klein 6
Klein was able to score on their next drive but the extra point was no good. Score DEC 14 Klein 12
DEC drove down feild again with Doni Raskas running in the ball behind blocking from Sammy Blivaiss and Daniel Romero the extra point was no good the score with a minute left in the game DEC 20 Klein 12
Klein still had some tricks in their bag and brought the ball down field and scored with 20 seconds left in the game but could not get the extra point final score DEC 20- Klein 18

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Bye weeks for DEC

After the big win last week DEC has a bye both this week and next before finishing the regular season with three more games.
We want to congratulate QB Gilad Silverman on being voted AFI player of the week for his terrific game last week.
Stay tuned for more DEC football action in the weeks to come.