Wednesday, December 29, 2010

DEC prepares for groups stage vs. Neve Tziyon

This Saturday night DEC will face Neve Tziyon in its first group stage game. The format was changed this year so that to qualify for the upper tier playoffs, a team needs to win 2 out of 3 group stage games.
DEC has faced and beaten Neve Tziyon each of the past two years on their way to the playoffs, creating a yearly rivalry and thrilling games that have gone in DEC's favor. You can see great highlight reels of the games at :
and last years game at :
Stay tuned for this weeks game.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

DEC wins again but....

Derech Etz Chaim handily won their last two regular season games against All the Kings Men 13-0 and 27- 6 to finish with a team all time best record 12-1-1 and 25 points and the #1 rank in the league.

After the game team officials reversed the results and granted DEC a forfeit, the reasons why are still unclear but here is what we do know.

During the game the officials approached the DEC team captain questioning the eligibility of a DEC player. The team Captain, Pinchas Shwartzbaum told the official that the player in question, began the year playing two games for another team and was removed from their roster. He also told the official that the player in question also played a game on another team without being on that teams roster, but that DEC understood that being as he was not rostered they could add him to the DEC roster as they did. The referee allowed the games to continue without requiring DEC to remove the player.

Following the game the league decided to reverse the decision, declare the player ineligible and grant DEC two forfeits moving them down the standings to the 9th seed.

Team reaction was obviously one of shock having been accused of deceiving the league when the captain felt he had been up front with the knowledge he possessed.

The feeling around the league is that the teams that are being punished are essentially those who now have to play DEC with the new seedings, essentially taking teams that succeeded in a achieving higher seedings and forcing them to face the highest ranked team in the league, DEC, while rewarding the lower seeds (Canaan Bar-Am) by now giving them a weaker opponent.

Derech Etz Chaim is presently getting ready for their first second round game where they will face Neve Tziyon, an opponent they have defeated each of the past two years on their way to the playoffs.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

DEC vs. Big Blue

The highly anticipated match up of two of the best teams in the AFI did not disappoint, and DEC proved itself once again to be a serious contender to go all the way. The game was played to a packed Kraft Stadium, in spite of the cold, wet and windy weather conditions. The game did not stayed close and with clutch plays on both ends of the field.

Big Blue received the opening kick off and took advantage of DEC defensive confusion to score on the first play of the game, but that was to be the last time they would lead. Gilad Silverman took over for DEC and drove downfield and threw the first of 3 touchdown passes to Jacob Kon who played incredible despite being sick. The DEC defense then held Big Blue, who punting into the wind, gave Gilad great field position to set up his next TD. Pinchas caught the extra point and it was DEC 13- Big Blue 7 .

Big Blue drove down the field and on a play from the 2 yard line seemed to throw an interception to Lior Goldstein who took it all the way back. In what would be one of many controversial calls the officials called it back and Big Blue went on to score tying up the game 13-13.

Once again DEC drove down field with a TD pass to Jacob Kon capping the drive getting the extra point to bring the score to 20-13. Though the DEC defense held Big Blue to 3 and out the offense could not run out the clock and Big Blue had the ball for one final drive but threw an interception to Jacob to end the first game.

Game two began with DEC receiving and throwing an interception on the first play of the game. Big Blue could not turn it into points and both sides stalled with the game remaining scoreless through 15 minutes. Finally Gilad connected with Pinchas for a touchdown missing the extra point with Big Blue coming back and scoring on an incredible catch by Sammy Tover for a TD. With the extra point coming once again after officials called a controversial pass interference call Big Blue led 7-6 with under 3 minutes left . Gilad was able to find Gavi Guterson in the end zone for a TD and an great catch by Joseph Gomez made the score DEC 13- Big Blue 7 with under a minute remaining. Big Blue seem to stall but after DEC was called for a tackling penalty was able to get into the end zone with no time remaining. The final extra point to win it was intercepted by Dov Pollack to end the game tied 13-13.

Noam Silverman also playing sick had 5 incredible receptions, and Noam, Josh and Aron Hertz held the Big Blue line giving Gilad all the time he needed. Levi Klein and Efraim Adatto on D-line put pressure on and got key sacks to end drives.

With the win and only on week remaining in the regular season DEC is on track to finish in first place and their best record ever going into the group round.


Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Big Game with Big Blue

Following the Chanuka bye week, DEC goes back into action this Motzei Shabbat with a huge game against Big Blue. (We have been waiting for this game for 3 weeks since it was last canceled). Derech Etz Chaim heads into the game with its best record (9-1) after 10 games, and hopes to improve and put themselves on the road to another championship with a big win.
The forecast is for rain and that will necessitate a competley different offensive scheme for both teams.
This will also be Josh Weisel's last game for DEC as he is heading back to the US. Josh who is considered the best kicker in the AFI, and who plays a big role in the red zone offense for DEC will be missed.
There are several other big games in the AFI this week with Klein Management facing Tov Pizza and Lobos going up against TJ. All these teams have already qualified for the round of 32 and are the favorites to make it to the playoffs. These games will have a major effect on the seedings going into the next round.
Check back on Sunday for the results.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010