Wednesday, December 29, 2010

DEC prepares for groups stage vs. Neve Tziyon

This Saturday night DEC will face Neve Tziyon in its first group stage game. The format was changed this year so that to qualify for the upper tier playoffs, a team needs to win 2 out of 3 group stage games.
DEC has faced and beaten Neve Tziyon each of the past two years on their way to the playoffs, creating a yearly rivalry and thrilling games that have gone in DEC's favor. You can see great highlight reels of the games at :
and last years game at :
Stay tuned for this weeks game.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

DEC wins again but....

Derech Etz Chaim handily won their last two regular season games against All the Kings Men 13-0 and 27- 6 to finish with a team all time best record 12-1-1 and 25 points and the #1 rank in the league.

After the game team officials reversed the results and granted DEC a forfeit, the reasons why are still unclear but here is what we do know.

During the game the officials approached the DEC team captain questioning the eligibility of a DEC player. The team Captain, Pinchas Shwartzbaum told the official that the player in question, began the year playing two games for another team and was removed from their roster. He also told the official that the player in question also played a game on another team without being on that teams roster, but that DEC understood that being as he was not rostered they could add him to the DEC roster as they did. The referee allowed the games to continue without requiring DEC to remove the player.

Following the game the league decided to reverse the decision, declare the player ineligible and grant DEC two forfeits moving them down the standings to the 9th seed.

Team reaction was obviously one of shock having been accused of deceiving the league when the captain felt he had been up front with the knowledge he possessed.

The feeling around the league is that the teams that are being punished are essentially those who now have to play DEC with the new seedings, essentially taking teams that succeeded in a achieving higher seedings and forcing them to face the highest ranked team in the league, DEC, while rewarding the lower seeds (Canaan Bar-Am) by now giving them a weaker opponent.

Derech Etz Chaim is presently getting ready for their first second round game where they will face Neve Tziyon, an opponent they have defeated each of the past two years on their way to the playoffs.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

DEC vs. Big Blue

The highly anticipated match up of two of the best teams in the AFI did not disappoint, and DEC proved itself once again to be a serious contender to go all the way. The game was played to a packed Kraft Stadium, in spite of the cold, wet and windy weather conditions. The game did not stayed close and with clutch plays on both ends of the field.

Big Blue received the opening kick off and took advantage of DEC defensive confusion to score on the first play of the game, but that was to be the last time they would lead. Gilad Silverman took over for DEC and drove downfield and threw the first of 3 touchdown passes to Jacob Kon who played incredible despite being sick. The DEC defense then held Big Blue, who punting into the wind, gave Gilad great field position to set up his next TD. Pinchas caught the extra point and it was DEC 13- Big Blue 7 .

Big Blue drove down the field and on a play from the 2 yard line seemed to throw an interception to Lior Goldstein who took it all the way back. In what would be one of many controversial calls the officials called it back and Big Blue went on to score tying up the game 13-13.

Once again DEC drove down field with a TD pass to Jacob Kon capping the drive getting the extra point to bring the score to 20-13. Though the DEC defense held Big Blue to 3 and out the offense could not run out the clock and Big Blue had the ball for one final drive but threw an interception to Jacob to end the first game.

Game two began with DEC receiving and throwing an interception on the first play of the game. Big Blue could not turn it into points and both sides stalled with the game remaining scoreless through 15 minutes. Finally Gilad connected with Pinchas for a touchdown missing the extra point with Big Blue coming back and scoring on an incredible catch by Sammy Tover for a TD. With the extra point coming once again after officials called a controversial pass interference call Big Blue led 7-6 with under 3 minutes left . Gilad was able to find Gavi Guterson in the end zone for a TD and an great catch by Joseph Gomez made the score DEC 13- Big Blue 7 with under a minute remaining. Big Blue seem to stall but after DEC was called for a tackling penalty was able to get into the end zone with no time remaining. The final extra point to win it was intercepted by Dov Pollack to end the game tied 13-13.

Noam Silverman also playing sick had 5 incredible receptions, and Noam, Josh and Aron Hertz held the Big Blue line giving Gilad all the time he needed. Levi Klein and Efraim Adatto on D-line put pressure on and got key sacks to end drives.

With the win and only on week remaining in the regular season DEC is on track to finish in first place and their best record ever going into the group round.


Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Big Game with Big Blue

Following the Chanuka bye week, DEC goes back into action this Motzei Shabbat with a huge game against Big Blue. (We have been waiting for this game for 3 weeks since it was last canceled). Derech Etz Chaim heads into the game with its best record (9-1) after 10 games, and hopes to improve and put themselves on the road to another championship with a big win.
The forecast is for rain and that will necessitate a competley different offensive scheme for both teams.
This will also be Josh Weisel's last game for DEC as he is heading back to the US. Josh who is considered the best kicker in the AFI, and who plays a big role in the red zone offense for DEC will be missed.
There are several other big games in the AFI this week with Klein Management facing Tov Pizza and Lobos going up against TJ. All these teams have already qualified for the round of 32 and are the favorites to make it to the playoffs. These games will have a major effect on the seedings going into the next round.
Check back on Sunday for the results.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Monday, November 29, 2010

DEC crushes Drimark 33-0 30-6

Coming off of a two week bye, Derech Etz Chaim brought their record to 9-1 rolling over a Drimark team that talked big prior to the game. Drimark (a team made up primarily of South Shore Yeshiva students presently attending Ohr Yerushalayim) won the Five Towns tournament last year, came into the game with a winning record, but quickly found out that they do not belong in the same league with Derech Etz Chaim!
DEC scored 10 touchdowns, one for every possession of the night with Gilad Silverman throwing for 7 touchdowns and running for one. Jacob Kon besides catching and running for 4 TD’s threw to Pinchas for a long TD as well. Pinchas caught 3 TD’s on the night, Joseph Gomez 1, and Lior Goldstein had two interceptions one that he ran back for a TD.
Though there were some serious defensive lapses and flags missed, Levi Klein came through with two sacks, Mendel Lazarus came up with some important stops, and Ezra Isaacs intercepted a pass. Aron Hertz at center dominated at line and Josh Weisel filling in for an injured Noam Silverman at TE played great, blocking well, and catching an extra point.
With the group stage approaching (December 25th) DEC has asked to play Big Blue in an anticipated showdown of two league heavy weights following the Chanuka bye week.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Israel to Host Flag Football World Championship

Israel has been named the host of the 2014 IFAF Flag Football World Championship. Although this will be the federation's first time hosting an IFAF sanctioned event, Israel has many years of experience in organized Flag Football.

"It is an exceedingly proud moment for all of us in Israel to be awarded what we know we will be an incredible event," said Israel Football League Commissioner URIEL STURM. "To bring the World Championships to the Holy Land is the continuation of a life-long dream for both our founder STEVE LEIBOWITZ and our close partners ROBERT AND MYRA KRAFT, and we thank IFAF for this wonderful privilege.

"We look forward to the perpetual growth of American football in Israel, and more than anything, we can't wait to welcome the world in 2014!"

American Football in Israel is the government-recognized federation and enjoys a unique partnership with New England Patriots owner ROBERT KRAFT, who built the Kraft Family Stadium to benefit the growth of the sport in Israel.

The Israeli Women's national team was established in 2002, and in 2005 the women shocked the flag football world with a first place finish at the 2005 Flag Oceane - one of the largest flag football tournaments in Europe. In 2008, Israel participated in their first IFAF Flag Football World Championship claiming fifth place then in 2010, the Israeli men took ninth place and the women finished in fifth.

Change of schedule - again

Derech Etz Chaim's big showdown with Big Blue has been delayed as Big Blue requested a last minute bye due to a scheduling conflict. DEC will be playing Drimark this week. Drimark is a team from OJ that prior to coming to Israel played together in NY and won the Five Towns tournement so they should be a challenge. (Rabbi Katz has reported that he interviewed many of the guys for DEC before they made the mistake of going elswhere!)
It will be DEC's first game without Micha Rafkin, and Ezra Isaacs is expected to step up and fill his role at CB and Joseph Gomez at WR.
After a two week layoff the team is ready to get going. Stay tuned for the Game report and results on Sunday.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Another Bye Week for DEC - then Big Blue!

Coming off of last weeks bye Derech Etz Chaim was looking forward to getting back to playing. Some confusion in league scheduling led the league to ask DEC to take another week off, so everybody gets another week to be edgy and look forward to the next game.
As the regular season approaches its conclusion, Derech Etz Chaim requested from the league to play some of the elite teams. After having already played Bitach, DEC will next week be playing Big Blue in what is certainly the game of the week in the AFI.
Big Blue has a long tradition as one of the top teams in the AFI and has not played DEC since the first game of the season three years ago.
The team is pumped up and looking forward to the challenge.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

DEC splits with Bitach 21-6 0-13

Derech Etz Chaim played their most difficult opponent yet in Bitach and came away with an overall win, winning the first game 21-6 and losing the second 13-0.
In the first game DEC was in control after Bitach’s initial score the defense held firm stopping Bitach twice inside the 20 on 8 downs, and the offense clicked with Gilad throwing two TD passes to Pinchas and another to Jacob Kon.
The second game was another story with DEC only having 3 possessions after kicking off the game and throwing an interception on another possession. Bitach utilized their size and ran down the entire field one play at a time to wind down the clock scoring twice with DEC having no answer.
DEC learned a few lessons this game, they are going to have to learn to defend the run better, but at the same time they put the league on notice that they are once again for real.
This coming week DEC has a bye.
Here are the highlights:

Sunday, October 31, 2010

DEC dominant again in week 3 win

Derech Etz Chaim once again dominated Moret Group (Torat Shraga Shana Bet) winning 26-6 and 27-14.
During the first two weeks DEC's defense had yet to give up any points, that changed quickly as Moret scored on the first play of their first drive after receiveing the kick off. DEC looked rusty as they went three and out on their first set but that changed quickly. After holding Moret on their next set, Gilad Silverman went to work with a TD pass to Jacob Kon. As soon as Moret got the ball back Jacob intercepted and this time it was Gilad connecting with Pinchas for the TD. From that point on Moret (Shraga) never had a chance.
Both games featured long touchdowns to Jacob Kon, Pinchas, Joseph Gomez (recording his first two TD's) with Gilad spreading the ball around to Micha, Noam and Weisel as well.
On defense Levi Klein dominated on D-line, Dov Pollack putting in another solid game and CB Lior Goldstein stopped everything coming his way.
With DEC's record a solid 6-0 they head into the coming week for what should be their first challenging game against a real contender when they face Bitach. The team is pumped up and looking forward to the challenge.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

DEC crushes Yesod 20-0 & 30-0 in week 2!

Week 2 of the AFI season had Derech Etz Chaim showing up even stronger then the great play of week 1.
Jacob Kon in his first appearence this year put on a show, running the length of the field for a TD on the opening play of the game and an acrobatic catch for another score in later action. Every one of the receivers played great with Joseph Gomez displaying his incredible ability on his first reception of the year making a diving catch. Pinchas Shwartzbaum, Micha Rafkin and Noam Silverman making big catches on scoring drives.

The story this season though is the defense. They have yet to give up a point! The CB's have shut down the opposing team's passing offense. Dov Pollak had two interceptions bringing one back for a TD, Micha had an interception for a TD, and Lior Goldstein made a big stop in the end zone on 4rth and goal for Yesod to stop their only potential scoring drive. Pollak plugged the middle stopping the run and sacks by the entire D-line Levi Klein, Jake Mortiz, Nassan Paul and Efraim Addato.
This weeks highlights (including defense)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

DEC begins the new season in victory!

Derech Etz Chaim is off to a great start in the new 2010-2011 AFI season. Playing their first games of the season without star CB/WR Jacob Kon, and with a team full of untested rookies, DEC made a powerful first week statement crushing the Medrash Shmuel (2) Shudaggs 13-0 and 19-0.
In the first game Gilad Silverman connected with Micha Rafkin for a long pass leading to a TD and extra point to Pinchas Schwarzbaum and later marched down the field on passes to Pinchas and another long bomb to Rafkin leading to a short run into the endzone by Rafkin to bring the score to 13-0.
The defense played extremely well, except for Nassan Paul they are all first year in the league, with Dov Pollack at middle linebacker directing the team and Lior Goldstein, Ezra Issacs and Micha Rafkin making amazing stops. The Shudaggs could get nothing.
The defense was even stronger in game 2 and Gilad connected with Rafkin on the very first play of the game for a TD. Two touchdown passes were caught by Noam Silverman with more down field passes to Pinchas who seems unstoppable.
It was a great start to the new season and the first time DEC opened winning two. Next week will be a bigger challenge playing an experienced team Yesod.
Here are the highlights from the game:

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Welcome back to another year of DEC football!

This upcoming Motzei Shabbos DEC football returns for another season with a new team look. Last years team posted the best regular season record in DEC history going 12-2 and made it to the semi finals to only to lose to Lobos who ultimately won the AFI championship. Lobos are back with even a stronger team and DEC is rebuilding with a great new group of first year players as well as some returnees.
The only member returning from the 2009 Championship team is team captain Pinchas Shwartzbaum. Gilad Silverman returns at QB and Aron Hertz, Noam Silverman and Josh Weisel are back on O-line with Nassan Paul stepping up this year on D-line.
An interesting addition this year is Jacob Kon who is back after a two year break. Jacob played on the DEC team that made the playoffs the year before the team gelled into Champions and we will see if he can bring with his experience and skill the extra push to both defense as cornerback and offense as receiver.
Newcomers include:
Micah Rafkin CB and WR
Joseph Gomez WR
Lior Goldstein CB
Ezra Issacs CB
Levi Klein and Efraim Addato D-line
Dov Pollak at middle linebacker
Yossie Edelman and Jake Moritz round out the team.

The team has played three scrimmages in the pre season and shows allot of promise. With the season starting this week we will have to see if they can live up to the DEC winning tradition.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

All Star Game

Four Derech Etz Chaim players, Kobi Schwartzbaum, Pinchas Shwartzbaum, Sam Ash and Jeffrey Mally have been nominated on the ballot for the first AFI All Star game to be held this Motzei Shabbat prior to the Holyland Bowl. Please use the link to vote for the DEC players!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Derech Etz Chaim loses Semi Final to Lobos

Derech Etz Chaim’s season came to an end last night with a devastating loss to Lobo’s in the Semi Final round of the Holyland Bowl playoffs 45 - 14. From the very beginning of the game it was clear that this was not DEC’s night when Jeffrey Mally dropped an interception and Lobos went on to score in their first possession. Lobo’s clearly studied DEC over the season and came out on fire with QB Weider hitting all his receiver’s and DEC’s usually invincible defense had no answer. The defensive line penetrated and put pressure the entire night but Weider kept finding his receivers.
On the offensive end the DEC QB Gilad Silverman who had thrown all of two interceptions the entire season kept finding the Lobos CB’s for a night of five interceptions two in the end zone killing potential DEC touchdown drives. Though Kobi Shwartzbaum made some incredible catches it was not nearly enough as potential interceptions on the DEC side by Yochi Naiditch tipped into the hands of Lobos players for 2 TD’s.
It was the first loss for DEC in a full length game in two years, many players on the team had never experienced a loss and it ended a brilliant streak for Derech Etz Chaim that began last year through the Championship and all the way to this years semi final game.
With returning students and a good new class coming in DEC looks to continue to be one of the more dominant teams next season as well.
There is not much in terms of highlights but we hope to post once or twice more before shutting down the blog until next season. So check back.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Derech Etz Chaim vs. Klein Management

Derech Etz Chaim defeated Klein Management (Medrash Shmuel)25- 24 in a nail biter that was not over until the last extra point attempt. Derech Etz Chaim now advances to the Semi Finals where they will face Lobos, a rematch with the opponent they defeated in last years Championship game.
The game started badly for DEC going four and out. Klein came right back and on their first play threw long for a touchdown into blown coverage.
Derech Etz Chaim marched down field penetrating the red zone but on four downs could not put it into the end zone turning the ball back over Klein who quickly scored bringing the score to DEC 0 Klein 12.
The DEC defense came alive holding Klein but the offense could not generate points once again getting into the red zone before throwing an interception on the 1 yard line.
But Klein could not capitalize and elected to go for it on 4rth when their receiver dropped the pass giving DEC the ball deep in Klein territory with less then a minute left in the half.Gilad threw to Avi to bring the ball into the red zone. Another pass to Sam to cut the distance and finally a touchdown pass to Sam Ash to put DEC on the board as the half came to a close. DEC 6 Klein 12
The second half Klein received and was held but was held by the DEC defense and was forced to punt.
DEC took over. Gilad ran to the Klein 40. A pass to Pinchas, one to Kobi and a TD pass to Sam brought the score to DEC 12 Klein 12.
On Klein's first play QB Yissy Ben Zaken threw an interception to Jeff Mally who ran it back to the 1 yard line. Touchdown pass to Josh Weisel.
The Extra point to Sam Ash proved later to be the game winner. DEC 19 - Klein 12
Klein the put together a scoring drive on passes to Kleiner and Koppelman no extra point DEC 19 - Klein 18
DEC began advancing up the field and on 4rth and short seemed to get the first down but a penalty of an extra man on the field called the play back and DEC was forced to punt.
Klein could not capitalize as Jeff Mally made another interception.
Gilad ran and passes to Sam and Pinchas set up a TD pass to Kobi to bring the score to DEC 25 - Klein 18 with a minute to play.
Klein came up field with passes to Koppelman and Kleiner and as they were about to turn the ball over Gilad Silverman was called for taunting penalty giving Klein 15 yards and a first down in the red zone. DEC held on for 3 downs on fourth BenZaken found Kleiner on the edge of the end zone for a score. Klein was now down by one point and elected to go for the two point conversion to win the game . The pas was no good with great defense by Efrayim Prero to end the game Derech Etz Chaim 25 Klein Management 24.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Pregame Report Derech Etz Chaim vs. Klein Management

The Motzei Shabbos Derech Etz Chaim takes on Klein Managment (Medrash Shmuel) in the Quarter Finals of the AFI Holyland Bowl playoffs. The two teams met earlier this year with DEC winning but Klein is much improved, having started the year 0-6 then winning their next 8 games to make it into the playoffs. Derech Etz Chaim is also much improved with Sam Ash and Jeffrey Mally back on the team though Levi Naiditch will most likely be missing. Medrash features a high powered passing attack and a number of players who know DEC well. The QB from Klein lost in the Semi Finals last year to DEC while playing for Maimo Magic and several other players were members of the Lobos team that lost to Derech Etz Chaim in last years Championship game.
The winner of this weeks game will move on to face the winner of the Lobos vs. Tov Pizza game on the in the semi finals next week. Tune in Sunday to find out the results and to follow DEC as it looks to repeat as AFI champions.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Derech Etz Chaim vs. Armitron

Derech Etz Chaim opened up their playoff drive with a statement drubbing Armitron (Netiv Aryeh) 52- 6 (this is the correct score!) The DEC defense clamped down and completely controlled the game while the offense came alive to score on almost every drive.
The game opened with Gilad Silverman hitting Avi Aryeh the length of the field on the very first play for a TD. That set the tone for the night. Levi Naiditch immediately intercepted the ball on defense and Gilad hit Kobi Shwartzbaum for a TD. Three minutes into the game DEC was leading 12- 0 .
Again Armitron threw an interception this time to Jeffrey Mally , with Gilad throwing to Levi for a diving catch and another TD. (Extra point Sam Ash)
The next drive Gilad hit Sam for a TD and extra point then another pass to Avi ending the half with the score 32-0
The second half began with DEC using the time for practice, unfortunately unsuccessfully, for the only non scoring possession of the game. Armitron finally got into the end zone for their 6 points.
DEC took the ball back down field with Levi running and on a missed snap Levi managed to shuffle the ball to Sam Ash who scrambled in for a touchdown.
Next TD drive included a pass to Gilad from Levi, then Gilad hit Pinchas Shwartzbaum to bring the ball down to the one yard line and a pass to Kobi for the TD.
DEC then successfully went for a two point conversion on a pass to Noam Silverman.
An interception by Yochi Naiditch and a pass to Pinchas finished the scoring at 52 points.
Derech Etz Chaim now moves on to the Quarterfinals next week against Klein Management, (Medrash Shmuel) having made a statement that they are back and everyone should look out as they are looking to repeat as Holyland Bowl Champions!
This weeks highlight reel is a bit more one sided then the past few weeks. (We also have been playing on South field and its a bit more difficult to see) Enjoy!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pallorium Forfeits!

Pallorium forfeited last nights game. Playoffs begin this coming week. Stay tuned for a playoff preview.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Preview to Pallorium

This coming Motzei Shabbos DEC takes on Pallorium in a meaningless game. Derech Etz Chaim by virtue of their victories over Neveh and Karelitz own the #1 seed in Group C and will face the #2 seed in Group G next week in the opening round of the upper tier playoffs.
(Whoever wins the Karelitz vs Neve game this week will have the same record as DEC - 2 wins 1 loss but because they lost to DEC will remain the #2 seed in the group).
Because of this DEC plans on resting some starters and giving some other players a chance. QB Gilad Silverman hopes to use the opportunity to reconnect in his timing with his receivers whom he was missing in the previous weeks game vs Karelitz.
Do to the late hour of the game there may be no highlight reel this weekend as well.
Please stay with us and follow the playoffs as DEC makes another run at the Championship

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Derech Etz Chaim vs. Karelitz

Game Report;
Karelitz, the team that gave Derech Etz Chaim the most trouble in the playoffs last year once again had DEC on the ropes until the final minutes of the game when DEC’s defense stepped up and stopped Karelitz to win a close game 27 – 20. The win clinches the number one seed in the group for DEC, regardless of next week’s outcome, and once again a spot in the Holyland Bowl upper tier playoffs beginning in two weeks.
The game began with Karelitz receiving and they capitalized on their very first possession for a touchdown to take the lead 0 – 6.
Gilad Silverman lead Derech Etz Chaim right back with a touchdown pass to Kobi to tie up the score at 6-6
The next several sets both Karelitz and DEC could produce little offense until Karelitz pinned down on the 2 yard line by a beautiful punt by Josh Weisel got an incredible break with a controversial pass interference call on Efrayim Prero which put them in TD range. They took advantage and scored plus an extra point. DEC 6 Kareltiz 13
DEC got the ball with 45 seconds left in the half and Gilad led a drive downfield on a long pass to Kobi and a TD pass to Pinchas with Kobi running in the extra point to tie the game at the half 13- 13.
DEC received the ball and marched downfield only to lose it on an interception. Karelitz took advantage of the turnover to drive downfield and score to make the score DEC 13- Karelitz 20.
Once again DEC came right back a short slant to Sam Ash led to a long downfield run for a TD and an extra point caught by Pinchas to tie the game DEC 20 Karelitz 20
The Derech Etz Chaim defense took over. Jeffrey Mally intercepted a long pass but DEC could not convert the turnover and was forced to punt. Once again Efrayim Prero came up with the interception and this time DEC marched downfield and scored on a pass to Sam Ash and an extra point to Noam Silverman. In the final minutes of the game DEC’s defense held Karelitz as they approached the red zone to win the game 27 – 20

Here are the game highlights:

Monday, January 11, 2010

Derech Etz Chaim vs Neve Tziyon

In one of the most exciting games of the season, Derech Etz Chaim held on to defeat Neve Tziyon 40 – 26 in the opening game of the group round. At the end of the next two weeks two teams from each group will advance to the Holyland Bowl playoffs.
DEC’s defense had trouble most of the night containing Neve’s physical and talented offense but the DEC offense was just too much for Neve only twice giving the ball back without a score.
Levi Naiditch last years championship QB filled in for Gilad Silverman showed no rust, and led a tremendous game taking DEC downfield over and over utilizing all of his talent and creativity at QB against a strong Neve defensive line.
Derech Etz Chaim kicked off and Neve drove downfield and scored on their very first possession. DEC came back with passes to Kobi, Pinchas and after a short run for first down and a TD pass to Kobi finished the drive.
DEC held Neve on their next possession forcing Neve to punt but with the game tied failed to capitalize as Levi on a long throw to Kobi gave up an interception.
Neve was held again turning the ball over on downs with the DEC defense holding them on 4rth and short. Levi attacked with passes to Avi, Sam and a TD pass to Sam again plus a beautiful diving catch for the extra point.
DEC now leading by 7 Neve drove all the way down to the DEC 10 but failed to punch it in turning over the ball. Levi led another drive with passes to Pinchas, Kobi, Sam and finally a short TD pass to Pinchas with Kobi making an acrobatic catch for the extra point. DEC leads 20 – 6 with less then a minute left in the half.
Neve not giving up before the half, throws a long bomb which is caught on the two yard line and this time they punch it in to bring the score to 20- 13 at the half.

The second half began with Neve Tziyon kicking off and Efrayim Prero making a huge return bringing the ball down to the 30 yard line. Three plays later Levi passes to Sam Ash for the TD and Kobi for the extra point. DEC 26- Neve 13
Neve began another drive down but just as they were stalling Yakov Hill was called for tackling with the penalty bringing the ball down to the 5 yard line. Neve utilized the opportunity to score bringing the DEC lead back to one TD. DEC 26 Neve 19
But DEC came back with a pass to Pinchas who out ran the entire Neve backfield for a 40 yard run to score. DEC 33 – Neve 19
Neve came right back with a quick slant pass and a number of DEC defenders missing flags to score bringing it back to a one TD game. DEC 33 – Neve 26
Here the DEC offense stalled with a dropped pass on third forcing the team to punt but the Derech Etz Chaim defense held Neve in their own territory forcing them to punt.
On the punt from Neve’s 20 yard line there was a penalty on the kicker and DEC got the ball back deep in Neve territory. After a few short runs Levi passed to Pinchas who hauled in the ball to give DEC a two touchdown lead with a few minutes remaining in the game.
Neve tried again for the long ball and Jeffrey Mally intercepted the pass to essentially end the exciting game.
Here are the game highlights:

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Regular Season ends with DEC ranked #3

Derech Etz Chaim finished the regular season last night with 12 wins and 2 losses in the first 7 weeks of the season for the number 3 spot in the rankings. It is the best record in DEC history!
Next week begins the group play with DEC in the C grouping together with #6 Pallorium, #27 Karelitz and #30 Neve Tziyon.
During the next three weeks the 4 teams in each group will play each other with the two top teams advancing to the final 16 Holyland Bowl playoffs. From this point on the games are a full 50 minutes (two 25 minute halves as opposed to the previous weeks each game was 25 minutes). Each first and second place team will be assigned a predetermined slot in the playoffs.
The C1 will play the second seed from the G group and the C2 will play the top seed from the G group.
For more information go to

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Derech Etz Chaim vs Canaan Studios

Game Report- The last game of the regular season was another DEC rout. Canaan Studios (Rabbi Center's Yeshiva) entered the game with 9 wins and a spot in the top eight teams but DEC was way to much for them knocking them down to the second rung by defeating them in both games.
The DEC defense showed itself in full form with Jeffrey Mally returning and making an immediate impact with two interceptions on the night. Efrayim Prero pulled in two interceptions as well and the Defensive line with Yakov Hill back in the line up gave the Canaan Studio QB no time to throw.
On offense the first game was QB'd by Gilad Silverman though playing without Kobi Shwartzbaum who missed the game, hit his other receivers to lead DEC to a 20- 0 victory in the first game. In the second game Levi Naiditch, a bit rusty this year but last year's championship QB led the team to a 20 - 6 victory. Sam Ash had a run for the entire length of the field for a touchdown.
Normally reliable TE Pinchas Shwartzbaum missed a number of passes and left the game injured after jamming his thumb.
Next week begins the group round of the AFI season we hope to have an intro on the blog some time this week as well as highlights from this weeks game