Thursday, November 21, 2013

The clash with Big Blue lived up to its billing, in a tough pair of physical games.

The clash with Big Blue lived up to its billing, in a tough pair of physical games.
Game 1
After exchanging punts, the DEC offense moved the ball downfield with a couple of receptions to Dani Eastman. Unfortunately the drive was thwarted with an end-zone interception by Big Blue negating the offensive progress.
The defense, which overall on the night was a bit inconsistent, held Big Blue to another punt. This time QB Gilad Silverman and Eastman connected on a 40 yard bomb for the first score of the game. Eastman, however, could not stay inbounds on the point-after attempt making the score 6-0.
As mentioned, the defense was at times stellar leading to 2 early Eastman sacks, but other times could not muster the pressure giving Big Blue enough time to pick apart DEC's man-to-man defense. On this drive Big Blue went over the top and connected on a long play down to the 5-yard line. A holding penalty pushed them back out of the red zone, but ultimately they scored on a pass to a WR crossing through the back of the end zone. They made their PAT to take the lead at 7-6.

Another bomb to Eastman gave DEC the lead right back, and another failed PAT left the score at 12-7. The defense held the rest of the way, forcing a turnover on downs to end the first game.

Game 1 Final Score
Big Blue: 7
DEC: 12

Game 2

The second game saw both teams moving the ball with little opposition. The 2 sides pretty much exchanged scores throughout the game. Both teams missed 1 extra point leaving it in a tie 13-13.

DEC remains undefeated! 
This week they face more stiff competition going up against the 7-1 Mercaz team, whose lone loss was to Big Blue 2 weeks ago.

Game 2 Final Score
Big Blue: 13

DEC: 13

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