Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Heading into the Playoffs!

This week Derech Etz Chaim heads into the top tier Holyland Bowl playoffs for the 7th straight year, this time with the number 1 seed.
This years team which has a combination of veterans and as well as great new additions has faced most of the top seeded teams during the regular season and has a good idea what to expect going into the playoffs.
While it is hard to project who the favorites are sentiment seems to feel that Mishaan Plumbing, Meridian Capital, Big Blue, Lobos, Mercaz and of course DEC are the favorites going into the playoffs. Barring an upset next week’s quarter-finals should be a showdown with Big Blue and possibly DEC’s most difficult game to make it back to the Championship.
QB Gilad Silverman has been out injured for the past several weeks but is due to return for the playoffs.

It should be an exciting couple of games coming up. You can follow right here at www.decfootball.com and see the bracket matchups on the AFI web site www.israelfootball.net

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